Distributed Work Queue with a Focus on Flexibility is a distributed job scheduling engine and web-based management app built on Node.js and MongoDB, brought to you from the Oklahoma Sooner State.

Unlike other work queues, Sooner is geared more toward recurring workflows and batch jobs. It also provides detailed insight into running processes via the real-time dashboard.

Job Snapshot and History

Snapshot & History

The job snapshot page gives you at-a-glance health of work completed and/or to-be-done.

  • most recent results
  • progress of running tasks
  • task console output
  • ability to run on-demand
  • real-time status via
Job Definition

Language Choice

Your job scripts can be written in any language.

If you can run it from a terminal on your server, so can

CoffeeScript JavaScript Ruby Python Perl Bash ... and more!

Git-Based Script Updates

Git-Based Script Deployment

Edit your scripts using your favorite editor, and push with your favorite distributed VCS: Git!

All your scripts are versioned, and you get to edit from the comfort of your own dev environment.

Running Job Console Output

Script Feedback

All script output is logged and displayed line-by-line in real-time in the job management web interface.

Your script also directly controls the progress bar, and process exit code determines pass/fail.

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